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The Greater Rochester, NY region, a community of nearly 1.2 million people, is home to a diverse set of businesses that have capitalized on our area's highly-educated workforce, research centers of excellence, and industry expertise in fields such as energy innovation, biotech and life sciences, food and beverage production, and optics, photonics, and imaging. Constellation Brands, Paychex, Wegmans Food Markets, and Xerox, are a few of the companies that have established thriving businesses in a community that was built on a legacy of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Rochester NY's economy continues to evolve to reflect a diversified mix of industries.



With a highly-skilled workforce and commercial real estate rates 49% lower than the national average, companies with 50 or more employees can make profits of $1 million a year more in Rochester, NY than in other high-tech hubs like Boston, New York, Washington, DC, or San Francisco. 

It's not the size of the region that matters, but what it can accomplish. Our region produces more patents per resident, and we have more brains trained to excel in this knowledge-based economy than communities three times our size. Our emphasis on education ensures a technically-sophisticated and reliable labor force. We have what successful businesses need: a talented and competitively-priced labor pool, competitive tax incentives, an abundant supply of fresh, reliable water (approximately 7% of the world's freshwater is right in our region), and prime real estate at costs well below the national average. Get Real stats to prove we're the right place to expand your business.

120 Million consumers within 500 miles. Close to major markets, without major market costs. Average commute is 21 minutes.  Real Estate average pricing is 30% below major metropolitan cities. Map shows 300 mile radius around Rochester, New York.












Rochester, New York State's third largest city, is central to a region that includes some of the most beautiful, productive, and valuable countryside in the Northeast. Our location boasts close proximity to major East Coast markets without the high cost associated with a major metropolitan area. It's no wonder our great city continues to rank within a top state for business growth.


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